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Quik-Shok Sabot Shot Gun Slug
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Quik-Shok Sabot Slugs
12 ga.
1-1/8 oz. Slug 10 shells/box 1-24 bxs: $13/bx
25+ bxs: $12/bx


Great for big game hunting, Polywad's Quik-Shok Sabot Slugs are loaded to 1,500 fps. The patented Quik-Shok slug is .68 caliber as opposed to the .50 caliber slug that most other 12 Gauge sabot slugs use.

The Quik-Shok slug weighs 1-1/8 oz. (492 grains) and splits into three massive segments after penetrating liquid or tissue, even at ranges beyond 100 yards.

Formed 68 caliber QS12MPRS
Sabot Slugs prior to loading.

One of the more important Quik-Shok advantages gained by big game hunters is the rapid energy transfer which is diffused over a large area within the target. The dispersion action of the sheared segments creates massive hemorrhaging. Each of the three segments promote compression of nerve-laden tissues which become trapped between expanding temporary cavities, resulting in maximum motor interruption.

Most deer shot with the Quik-Shok 12 gauge Sabot slug are dropped in their tracks!

Quick Shock Shot Gun Slug

These three recovered pieces
of the QS12MPRS Sabot Slug
each average over 160 grains
in weight. This is the
equivalent of shooting three
30/06 160 gr. projectiles!

The projectile segmentation also increases the probability of striking or affecting one or more vital organs.


The Quik-Shok Sabot Slug was designed to eliminate over-penetration and minimize ricochet. The Quik-Shok projectile either separates into three pieces when penetrating a liquid or tissue target, or expands to a large, ellipsoidal shape when impacting a hard surface. This transformation drastically reduces its velocity and energy and limits its post-impact range. This, of course, minimizes the threat to downrange bystanders and property.

Quik-Shok sabot slugs come in the convenient 10-round field size boxes.(#QS12MPRS)


The Quik-Shok 12 GaugeSlug Manufacturing Process

ShotGun SlugsQuik-Shok Sabot Slugs are loaded by Polywad, Inc. using state of the art equipment along with a propellant chosen to guarantee consistent ignition under cold weather conditions.

The projectile itself is a modified Foster slug, carefully designed for optimum accuracy.

The patented Q-S1 intrusion process is accomplished when a three-bladed punch penetrates a cylindrical-solid lead core to a predetermined distance. Shot Gun SlugsEach cut terminates just short of its periphery, creating a thin web of material. The purpose of the web areas is to control the degree and rate of expansion and subsequent segmentation.

The cut slug is then transferred to a profile die which creates a hollow point, a hollow base, and shapes the projectile's ogive. During this step, the thickness of the web areas is maintained and all air spaces are eliminated.





in Gelatin
Ft. Lbs.
Time (sec.)
0 0 0 1,500 2,458 0 0.000
25 15 6-1/2" 1,314 1,886 1/2 0.053
50 16" 6" 1,169 1,492 2 1/3 0.114
75 16-1/2" 5-1/2" 1,069 1,247 5-3/4 0.181
100 16" 5" 996 1,084 11 0.254
125 16" 5" 939 963 18 1/3 0.332
150 16 2/3" 4-1/2" 889 863 28 0.414
* Segment Dispersion is the pattern the three pieces take as they angle away from the center of impact.

This picture at impact illustrates the devastating power of the Quik-Shok 12 gauge Sabot Slug projectile! The 45 pound block of 10% Ballistics gelatin has been lifted from the stand. The slug split into three segments and remained in the gelatin.

Close-up of the gelatin block showing the three segments after they have been stopped in the block. The circle of dispersion from center is six inches.

In this picture, a 5" thick gelatin block was been shot at close range with the Quik-Shok 12 gauge Sabot slug. Had this been a larger block of gelatin, each of the three QS12MPRS Sabot slug pieces would penetrate an average of 13" to 15". The three pieces would come to rest in a triangular pattern ("circle of dispersion") no less than six inches apart.


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