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Spred-R Inserts  
Polywad offers Spred-R components for handloading. The Spred-R insert is a plastic wad that resembles a thumbtack, with a round disk top and a post. It is loaded in the top of a shotshell after the shot is dropped, just prior to crimping. Handloaders may use the components (hull, wad, powder) that they normally load by reducing the shot charge by 1/8 Oz. and adding the Spred-R Insert. This little insert allows handloaders to achieve the same great patterns as our  manufactured Spred-R shotshells. The Spred-R insert comes in 12, 16, and 20/28 gauge sizes. Polywad includes instructions and tested load data with each order of Spred-R inserts.

Our 12 Ga. 3-Hole version of the Spred-R Insert was created to “fill in” the center of patterns when using pure cylinder or slightly constricted “skeet” chokes. With small shot (8s or 9s), many handloaders prefer this version. There is no significant difference in overall pattern diameter compared to our Solid Disk 12 Ga. Insert.

Product Name
Product ID
Choke Usage Packaging Price Per Bag

12 Ga. 3 Hole (123H5) Cyl, Imp, Mod, & Full 500 Inserts/Bag $16.00 per bag
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12 Ga. Solid Disk (12SD5) Mod & Full Only 500 Inserts/Bag $16.00 per bag
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16 Ga. Sold Disk (16SD5) All Chokes 500 Inserts/Bag $16.00 per bag
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20/28 Ga. Solid Disk (20/28SD5) All Chokes 500 Inserts/Bag $16.00 per bag
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