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About Us


Polywad Manufacturing LLC

Polywad incorporated in 1985.  The company was formed to develop and market products related to shotgun shells and shooting, centered on the "Spred-R™" device invented by Jay Menefee for upland bird hunting and clay target shooting.  In 1995, Polywad Inc. began loading shotgun shells on fully automated, high quality Italian loading machinery. In 2017 Polywad Manufacturing LLC acquired Polywad Inc's loading business.

Polywad manufactures and sells its own line of products which includes the brand names: Spred-R™, Polymag™, Vintager™, DoubleWide™, Gram Crak-R™, GreenLite™, and Quik-Shok®.


Polywad Manufacturing provides the following:

  • Feasibility Assessment for New Products
  • Custom Product Design for Sporting, Law Enforcement and Military Markets 
  • Product Testing and Development 
  • Prototype to Full Production 
  • New DoD Approved Manufacturing Facility


Polywad Mfg. LLC. has designed and/or manufactured shotgun shells for Environ-Metal, Inc. (Hevi-Shot®),  YBE, Inc./Hastings (Hastings® Laser Accurate Sabot Slugs),  Days End (Field Trial Blanks),  Polyshok, Inc. (Polyshok™ IRP),  RUAG Ammotec USA Inc. (Copper Matrix Slugs, Copper Matrix Buckshot & Rottweil Laser Plus Sabot Slugs),  Brenneke GMBH/Brenneke of America LP (Brenneke® Slugs),  Pierce Munitions, LLC (Ted Nugent Sabot Slugs),  Fiocchi of America, Inc. (12 Gauge Blanks),  Spectra Shot, LLC (Waterfowl, Target & White Lightning Turkey),  and IRP Association LLC/Maxstop IRP (MAXSTOP IRP 12 Gauge Advanced Defense Ammunition).

Developing new technology for the shotshell industry is an ongoing top priority for Polywad Mfg.  Polywad licensed the patented technology to Federal Cartridge Company for its TruBall® Rifled Slug. The TruBall® Slug received Field & Stream's "Best of the Best" Award 2005 (Ammunition), and the NRA's American Hunter 2006 Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product of the Year.

For innovative ballistics, design excellence, quality manufacturing and outstanding product performance, Polywad Mfg. provides it all.