Polymag loads...

deliver hard hits throughout the pattern by dispersing the  surplus center pellets into a wider pattern with a strong fringe!  This  results in less wounding of birds and cleaner, quicker kills.  Polymag  30X shells are fantastic for the smaller upland birds such as Grouse,  Quail, Woodcock and Chukar.  The Polymag 6OX is a unique shell with  1-1/2 oz. of the finest nickel-plated Italian lead shot, possibly the  very best load available for Pheasant hunting with the lowest recoil for  such a large payload.  Also, the pressure is only 8400 PSI!  While  Polymag shells are not “high pressure”, they are heavy field loads and  are not recommended for lightweight double guns.  Polymag shells are  available in 12 gauge only.


Polymag 60X   shells:  by customer Lyman C. Kerkhof, Jr. of   Muncie, IN
"After   just returning from a pheasant hunt in Mott, ND, I   will never use any shells but the Polymag   60X's.  They are literally death on   pheasants!  The first few days my son & I used your   60X shells and made life easy for ourselves and our   dogs by killing each pheasant we shot.  By the last   day, we were out of your 60X's, so we used a   nationally known brand of hi-brass, copper-coated   4's.  Being 58 and working an 11 year old springer,   I didn't know who would have a heart attack and die   first - me, the dog, or the roosters!  The 3   pheasants I shot that day each ran 100 yards or   more, leaving me and my dog exhausted!    Please hurry with my new order of 60X shells.  I'm   too old to use the other brands.  Thanks for putting   the enjoyment back into hunting."