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Quick -Shok Sabot Slugs

Great for big game hunting, Polywad's Quik-Shok Sabot Slugs are loaded to 1,500 fps. The patented Quik-Shok slug is .68 caliber as opposed to the .50 caliber slug that most other 12 Gauge sabot slugs use.

The Quik-Shok slug weighs 1-1/8 oz. (492 grains) and splits into three massive segments after penetrating liquid or tissue, even at ranges beyond 100 yards.



One of the more important Quik-Shok advantages gained by big game hunters is the rapid energy transfer which is diffused over a large area within the target. The dispersion action of the sheared segments creates massive hemorrhaging. Each of the three segments promote compression of nerve-laden tissues which become trapped between expanding temporary cavities, resulting in maximum motor interruption.

Most deer shot with the Quik-Shok 12 gauge Sabot slug are dropped in their tracks!


The Projectile...

segmentation also increases the probability of striking or affecting one or more vital organs.

The Quik-Shok Sabot Slug was designed to eliminate over-penetration and minimize ricochet. The Quik-Shok projectile either separates into three pieces when penetrating a liquid or tissue target, or expands to a large, ellipsoidal shape when impacting a hard surface. This transformation drastically reduces its velocity and energy and limits its post-impact range. This, of course, minimizes the threat to downrange bystanders and property.

Quik-Shok sabot slugs come in the convenient 10-round field size boxes.(#QS12MPRS)