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Spred-R Shells and Inserts


Dispersion Control Technology

For the finest in upland bird hunting, Polywad Mfg. offers the Spred-R shotshells.

These shells revolutionize shotgun pattern effectiveness by producing a quick, uniform opening of the pattern without adversely affecting pellet energy or downrange pellet count. These dispersion control loads can be used with any choke from full to skeet, and depending on the choke used, provide the shooter from 80% to 150% more pattern area than conventional shotshells fired through the same choke. These larger patterns solve the problem of close range shooting and increase hits. Spred-R loads deliver hard hits throughout the pattern by dispersing the surplus center pellets into a wider pattern with a strong fringe! This results in less wounding of birds and cleaner, quicker kills. Spred-R shells are fantastic for the smaller upland birds such as Grouse, Quail, Woodcock and Chukar. Spred-R shells come in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauges. All of our Spred-R shells will   transform a tightly choked gun into being an upland   hunter's favorite.  Using an improved cylinder or   tighter choke will produce an effective pattern out to   35 yards.   With cylinder or skeet chokes, the   maximum range for an effective pattern is 25 yards.


Test Patterns

When the pellets of a conventional shell leave the muzzle, an elongated shotstring is created. The leading pellets are the center of the pattern and the trailing pellets are the outer circle. Since most of the pellets are in the center, the outer 1/3rd of the pattern is composed of sporadic and erratic pellets that are losing energy. This results in weak hitting pellets with huge holes in the outer 1/3rd of the pattern! Wounded birds are the result of these weak fringes.


Features and Bennefits

When SPRED-R pellets leave the muzzle they are temporarily held to the post-disk wad. The shot does not string out as it does in a regular shell. Polywad's Dispersion Control Technology guides the leading pellets to the outer edge of the pattern, while trailing pellets stay in the center of the pattern. Hard hits are delivered throughout the pattern!

Features and Benefits of the High Performance SPRED-R Shotshell:

  • Larger patterns develop quickly from any bore, solving the problem of close range shooting 
  • Downrange pattern density and pellet energy is maintained to insure effectiveness for longer range shooting 
  • 2-3 times increased square inches of coverage to increase your hits 
  • Pellets are distributed evenly in the inner and outer circle of the pattern for cleaner, quicker kills 
  • Hard hitting throughout the entire pattern for less wounding of game and more busted targets 
  • A shorter shotstring for more effective results on a moving target

Polywad offers   Spred-R components for handloading. The Spred-R insert   is a plastic wad that resembles a thumbtack, with a   round disk top and a post. It is loaded in the top of a   shotshell after the shot is dropped, just prior to   crimping. Handloaders may use the components (hull, wad, powder)  that they normally load by reducing the shot charge by 1/8 Oz. and  adding the  Spred-R Insert. This little insert allows handloaders to   achieve the same great patterns as our  manufactured   Spred-R shotshells. The Spred-R insert comes in 12, 16,   and 20/28 gauge sizes. Polywad includes instructions and   tested load data with each order of Spred-R inserts.

Our 12 Ga. 3-Hole version of the Spred-R Insert was created to  “fill in” the center of patterns when using pure cylinder or slightly  constricted “skeet” chokes.  With small shot (8s or 9s), many  handloaders prefer this version.  There is no significant difference in  overall pattern diameter compared to our Solid Disk 12 Ga. Insert.



Spred-R Shells & Inserts:  by customer Ron Kowalsky of Limerick, ME  October 2008

“I’ve bought your   Spred-R loads in the 20 and 12 (gauge shells), and   I’ve bought the round plastic disks with the post on   them (Spred-R Inserts) that you use to reload your   own. I   wanted to tell you, those things work remarkable. I still have some of your shells that you   manufacture, and when I shoot those it makes an   expert out of a mediocre shooter. I’ve hit 7 pheasants in a row with those   things without a miss out of a pretty tightly choked   barrel, but using the polywads it makes it duck soup   to hit those flushing birds. I just wanted to tell you how well your   product works, even better on woodcock which are   very close flushing birds.”

What do leading Shotgun Experts   say about the SPRED-R?

"This year I shot six straight grouse. I've never been   able to do this before. I did it with those new   SPRED-R's"

Nick   Sisley, Outdoor Writer

"Boy do they open the pattern - yet it stays very   even! More margin for error and less damage to the   birds."

Craig   Boddington, Petersen's Hunting

"Do they work? Absolutely."

Ross   Seyfried, Guns and Ammo

"SPRED-R Shotshells are attracting a following among   sporting clay shooters finding extra targets on their   scoresheets, among wingshooters bringing home that extra   bird in the bag, game taken cleanly but not mangled by   too-tight shot swarms."

Randy   Lawrence, Double Gun Journal

"Of all the loads tested (250 tests), only one put   the same percentage of pellets in both the center circle   and the outer ring. The load was the SPRED-R."

Marshall   Williams, Shotgun Sports

"One that's impressed me lately is the SPRED-R. My   pattern tests with a full choke gun revealed a total   spread at 20 yards as large as that given by an ordinary   load at 40 yards. Although there's less difference with   open chokes, the patterns are still larger than with   conventional shells"

Bob   Brister, Field & Stream